Ladida Musa

Ladida Musa

My name is Ladidi Musa. I am one of the most influential traditional birth attendants in my community (Badawa).

Although I have little formal education but a wealth of experience gained from having raised 11 children and taken numerous deliveries.

One of the major challenges we have faced in our community is the unwillingness and lack of encouragement of women to visit hospitals for proper check up during pregnancy.

This has led to a lot of avoidable complications arising both for the mother and child during and after pregnancy.

Also a lot of pregnant women self medicate and consume all sorts of mixtures during pregnancy which they believe will help ease the process.

After the training and knowledge gained from the Health for Her Project organised by GiST, I’m now better equipped with the right information to take back to my people and enlighten them about safety measures to take during and after pregnancy.

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