My name is Binta (not real name). I am 19years old. Towards the end of my secondary school education, i was going to drop out of school because my parents couldn’t afford my fees. But that was when GiST- Girls should Thrive Initiative started the Safe Space program at my school and they supported me …

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Ladida Musa

Ladida Musa

My name is Ladidi Musa. I am one of the most influential traditional birth attendants in my community (Badawa). Although I have little formal education but a wealth of experience gained from having raised 11 children and taken numerous deliveries. One of the major challenges we have faced in our community is the unwillingness and …

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Health for her

This project will also take place once every year in June and the goal of this is to introduce young girls to ways they can take better care of themselves and protect themselves from infection, rape, teen pregnancy and other forms of mishaps. It will also be a strategy to recruit girls for the training …

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in 10 years… (Goals)

We inspired and supported 1000 girls to create sustainable solutions to hunger, poverty, illiteracy, ill health and other challenges faced by girls and women in their communities. We empowered 1000 girls with at least one hands on skills. We supported 400 girls to get secondary school education. We supported 100 girls to get university education.